CNS Injury, Repair and Inhibition, Excitation

CNS injuries similar as TBI, SCI, and stroke are among the leading causes of disabilities in the population. A critical program for the development of therapeutic interventions is demanded. There are several pathological events that do following CNS injury/ trauma that direct to neuronal cell death. These things come in a biphasic manner, according to an earliest or primary insult succeeded by a prolonged and more deleterious secondary injury

The neural injury response involves a dynamic interplay between events raising repair and regeneration and those of injury and constraint. Physical insults to brain or spinal cord tissue primarily cause necrotic cell demise and damage in the underlying tissue, followed by multiple subsequent events similar to opening of the blood – brain or blood – spinal cord barrier, inflammation, edema, ischemia, excitotoxicity, increase in free radicals, and altered cell signaling and gene expression.

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