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Alzheimers, Dementia and Parkinsons Diseases

Alzheimers disease is a developing disease that demolish memory and other important mental functions. Brain cell connections and the cells individually degenerate and die, finally it destroys memory and other primary mental functions. It is a most common cause of dementia among aged adults.
Dementia is a group of rational and popular symptoms that inhibit with daily functioning. It is a group of circumstances identified by deterioration of at least two brain functions, like memory loss and judgement. Symptoms involve forgetfulness, limited social skills and thinking abilities so diminish that it constrain with daily functioning.
Parkinson's disease is a developing disorder that influence the nervous system and the parts of the human body controlled by the nerves. Symptoms start steadily. The primary symptom is may be a easily recognizable tremor in just one hand. These tremors are common, but this disorder may cause rigidness or deceasing of movement.
Alzheimer's Disease
Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)
Vascular Dementia
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