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Brain Cancer and Tumors

A brain tumor, known as an intracranial tumor, is an abnormal mass of tissue in which cells raise and multiply uncontrollably, putatively unbounded by the mechanisms that control normal cells. The two main groups of brain tumors are named primary and metastatic.
Primary brain tumors include tumors that appear from the tissues of the brain or the brain's instant surroundings. Primary tumors are distributed as glial( composed of glial cells) or non-glial and benign or nasty.
Metastatic brain tumors include tumors that arise away in the body( like as the bone or lungs) and resettle to the brain, generally through the bloodstream. Metastatic tumors are esteemed cancer and are malign. Here are some types of Metastatic brain tumors,
Intracranial Metastasis
Skull Metastasis
Spinal Metastasis
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